On Sunday, March 5th, I got the chance to see one of my favorite bands – Kaleo – live in concert at the House of Blues in Orlando, FL. Kaleo has been one of my favorite bands for about a year now, since I discovered them through a rabbit hole of musicians. An Icelandic rock band, Kaleo has a sound like no other. With lead singer, JJ’s deep vocals, and the bands instruments all coming together, the sound is one that can be compared to magic.


As they emerged onto the stage to begin their set, everyone in the audience could not help but notice that we were about to witness something amazing. As JJ walked to his spot, I noticed the level of “cool” that was radiating off of him. He exemplified the classic rocker feel, with his white button-up, only half done, black jeans, long chain necklaces, and hair that would not move an inch during their whole hour and a half show.


Their set included many of their rock songs, such as “Hot Blood,” “No Good,” and”“Way Down We Go,” but also showcased some softer ballads, like “All the Pretty Girls.” They also performed their only song in their native Icelandic tongue, “Vor i Vaglaskogi,” showing how strong of a vocalist JJ is in any language.

20170305_212531Kaleo’s show was one of the best I have been to, and I would never hesitate to go again. While leaving the venue, I could not help replay the whole show in my mind, and replayed my videos as soon as I was home. They are a band to watch because before we know it, they will have a bigger following than the population of their own country.




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